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Your Health is Our Top Priority

We offer a preventive, hygienic and rejuvenating type of massage which is used for general health wellness. It provides a sensual, pleasurable indulgence to remove the results of stress of daily life.

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A Natural Way to Heal

The word massage came from the Ancient greek word "massin”  which means “to knead” and the Arabic word "mass”  or the Hebrew "mashesh” (to press). The first documented practice of massage is from China in 3000 BC. Its first form was called Anma which is similar to Tui Na, a traditional Chinese manipulative therapy. The practice of Anma spread throughout the world with different cultures adopting it. 

Thai massage came from the ancient healing art - Nuad Boran. It combines pressure, rubbing, and stretches with techniques that worked on the energy lines of the body. 

In Japan, “Amma” massage of pressing, rubbing, wringing and stretches was traditionally practiced by blind practitioners. Shiatsu combines this with pressure techniques on acupuncture points. 

In the early 1800s, another form of massage was developed - Swedish Massage, which later on became a medical profession in the West.

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Our Patients’ Experiences

What our patients say is extremely important to us. That is why Relax @ Myrtle Beach is so invested in making sure our customers are happy with the relaxation massages we provide. Take a look at what our past patients have said about us and schedule your appointment today.

Senior Man


Thank you, feel revived - really worked on the muscles. Body feels mended. The best massage - Thank you. Came in feeling stressed and left feeling relaxed and happy!

Male Portrait


I felt completely different after the session…feeling relaxed and a whole new me! I feel a million times better for the work you have done.

Attractive Young Woman


I have just finished the FunRun 10k!! I couldn’t have done it without the massage yesterday. Am now feeling pretty stiff so will do some of the stretches. Thank you for the stretching stuff. See you soon


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