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Hear It from Our Customers

The most rewarding part of our job is hearing about how we’ve helped our patients live happier, more comfortable lives. Scroll down to learn more about what our patients have to say about their experiences with Relax @ Myrtle Beach.

We use a combination of massage techniques to provide a therapeutic massage that is tailored to your specific needs.


Relax's massage therapists brings a focus and an expertise to their work that I’ve rarely encountered in a massage therapist. Every time I’m in Myrtle Beach, I book in for a relaxation massage. My muscles are tight and I have knots in my shoulders and yet after an hour with Relax, my body feels light and tension free. I recommend Relax to all of my friends who say they could use a really good massage. I haven’t found a better, friendlier professional massage therapist during my stay here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

Our Massage Service offers a unique combination of relaxation, preventative care, and rejuvenation.


Glad to have discovered Relax @ Myrtle Beach. What a wealth of knowledge and I am in awe of the masseuse, and what he knows about our bodies. Much more than just a great massage.

With a gentle touch and caring attitude, our massage sessions are designed to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and energized.


Relax offers first class massage therapists, with a deep tissue massage technique which hits the spot. I suffer from upper back and neck pain, from sitting at a desk for most of the working day, and regularly swimming breast-stroke. After a session with Relax, I walk away from the treatment room with the relevant areas manipulated and feeling comfortable. Relax sends professionals who makes me feel completely at ease and relaxed during sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend Relax to others.

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